Kent County League


Platt Utd entered the Kent County League in 1988. In their first season they won through to the final of the Kent Junior Cup, losing out 3-0 to Westerham. In their second season, not only did they manage to gain promotion to Division 1, but they again contested the final of the Kent Junior Cup. In a touch of de ja vu, they were beaten again by the same score of 3-0, this time by Ten Em Bee who also went on to win the league title.

Platt Utd gained sweet revenge when they defeated Ten Em Bee in an end-of-season decider during the 1990-91 season, which saw Platt Utd carry off their first Kent County League title.

Platt's ambitions took a severe blow when they finished a creditable 8th position in the Kent County Premier Division, only to realise that the following season, the County pyramid was to be reshuffled to allow possible promotion to the Football League.

The outcome was that the top half would remain and be joined by the equivalent from the Eastern Region and the bottom half, which was headed by Platt would effectively be relegated to form an extra league, again along with their counterparts from the Eastern Region. So Platt went from playing Premier league football one season to playing in Division 2 the following season.

However they bounced straight back the following season, finishing Runners-Up to Strood County on goal difference, after an unbelievable last game at the Stonehouse Ground finishing 3-3. Watched by the entire AFC Egerton squad, who were sitting top prior to kick-off, hoping for any outcome ...................... other than a draw!

Platt Utd 1994

1992-93 turned out to be the most successful season in the clubs history to date, as they also went on to win the Sevenoaks Charity (Senior) Cup for the first time, defeating Premier league opponents Sevenoaks Town by four goals to nil. The club was also awarded the Kent County Fair Play Award and to top it all off, Manager Rob Dobereiner picked up the Kent County Manager-of-the-Year Award.

Below is the full record of Platt's history in the Kent County League.

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Year Kent County League Position
1988-89 Division 2 West 7th
1989-90 Division 2 West 3rd
1990-91 Division 1 West 1st
1991-92 Premier Division 8th - (pyramid restructure)
1992-93 Division 2 West 2nd
1993-94 Division 1 West 6th
Reserve Division West 5th
1994-95 Division 1 West 6th
Reserve Division 2 West 1st
1995-96 Division 1 West 6th
Reserve Division 1 West 9th
1996-97 Division 1 West 12th
1997-98 Division 2 West 6th
1998-99 Division 2 West 4th
1999-00 Division 2 West 8th
2000-01 Division 2 West 10th
2001-02 Division 2 West 9th
2002-03 Division 2 West 11th
2003-04 Division 3 West 12th
2004-05 Division 2 East 11th
2005-06 Division 2 East 12th
2006-07 Division 2 East 13th
2007-08 Division 2 East 5th
Reserve Division East 11th
2008-09 Division 2 East 10th
Reserve Division East 10th
2009-10 Division 2 East 9th
Reserve Division East 11th
2010-11 Division 2 East 4th
Reserve Division East 11th
2011-12 Division 2 East 14th
2012-13 Division 2 East 10th
2013-14 Division 2 East 10th