Smiths Cup (Senior) Champions 1961-62

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Cinderella misses prize

Platt   3      St. Georges (Wrotham)  1

Sevenoaks had its Boxing Day pantomime after all. A brightly costumed cast of 22 gave their spectacular version of Cinderella on ice at Knole Paddock. The novelty was that although Cinderella, played with dignity by St. Georges, got to the ball, the Ugly Sisters, in the guise of Platt, eloped with Prince Charming.

The trouble began when the fairy godmother, who had taken Cinderella from a threadbare existence at the bottom of Sevenoaks Division 1, to the princely heights of a Smith's Senior Cup Final, switched sides and waved her wand for Platt's Ugly Sisters.

Even when the defence, in an unguarded moment was breached, there was always the same fairy godmother charming the ball to hit a post, bounce off one of the 11 Ugly Sisters or trickle over the bar.

Cinders still hit back, once in the second-half when Cant, who switched to the part of Buttons, scored direct from a corner. He tried hard to goad Cinders to first-time action but the fairy's spell was too strong.

It was nearing the witching hour of 3:55pm and Cinders might still have outsmarted the Ugly Sisters when the Wicked Squire took a hand. Leading Cinders last despairing efforts, Underdown and Woodhams skated rings round the the defence with a surprising burst of speed and beat Marmont, who fumbled a low shot. Woodhams, struck by the fairy's spell, pirouetted gracefully away, but Underdown slid on, the ball at his feet, an open goal in front, when Marmont rugby-tackled him from behind.

Everyone looked to the Squire for the penalty but he lived up to the hisses of the crowd by giving the Sisters a free-kick.

Platt: Seymark (2 mins), Sears (4 mins), Chris Scott (14 mins)
St. Georges: Cant (58 mins)

Platt: T.Marmont, W.Webb, D.Walway, T.Wimsett, R.Gill, S.Russell, M.Sears, J.Wicks, E.Semark, Colin Scott, Chris Scott.

St. Georges: G.Whiffen, R.Rye, A.Merritt, B.Wicks, G.Francis, D.Green, R.Cant, R.Avey, R.Woodhams, M.Underdown, D.Ingram-Seal.